Fundraising support for Wells Cathedral

Wells, the smallest city in England, is a remarkable medieval gem nestling on the southern side of the Mendip Hills. While the breathtaking Cathedral, a magnificent piece of early 12th century Gothic architecture with over 300 statues and carvings, seems to be the main star of Wells, we cannot forget Vicars’ Close, a small picturesque terrace of houses that were built for the vicars.

The Chapter of Wells Cathedral are embarking on a major restoration project for Vicars’ Close as it was recently discovered there was a desperate need for renovation and are looking to the local community for sponsors and apprentices to assist with the project, teaching the young people of Wells the niche skill set of heritage restoration, which could have them set for life in terms of a career while also bringing the economy back to Wells.

The preservation of our heritage sites in England is something we at Eat Five Star hold dear to our hearts, and we were touched to be asked to cater for their fundraiser dinners last week. After a drinks reception in the main part of the Cathedral and a tour, we finished the event with a mouth watering three course meal.

For the starter, we served a winter seasonal salad made up of lots of different textures and flavours to create a masterful medley that played on all of the senses, consisting of hazelnut marinated sprouts, cured and lightly blowtorched beetroot to create a unique bitterness, heritage carrot, cauliflower crisp and toasted amino seeds with a hearty, warming West Country cider vinaigrette.

For the main event, our guests were presented with a twenty-four hour braised beef shin ballottine allowing melt in the mouth deliciousness!

To round off the meal we created a light deconstructed cheesecake, playing on the traditional Greek dessert with modern culinary techniques, allowing you to savour each element.

It was a great opportunity to work with Wells Cathedral and we look forward to more events with them this year and hope our delectable food can be that extra push into enticing support for this national heritage site for future generations.

If you have a project or event and need support in raising awareness through event management and catering we’d love to hear for you on 01225 302275.