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Covid-19 Our 5 top tips


None of us, could have ever imagined a time like this. A time came upon us so suddenly. The changes we have all had to make, sacrifices to loved ones, family and work has had an impact on our lives we could have never imagined.

Any times like these, give us time to stick together, a time to stop, a time to reflect and do all the things we have not had the chance to do.

Whether we like this or not we are all in a position to realign our lives, look around us and no longer take for granted what we have for so many years.

2020 was a year for so many people to celebrate for so many reasons. A wedding, a 60th birthday party or your corporate’s 25th celebration, all of our events have been impacted following the government’s wise decision to close businesses down for the foreseeable future for the safety of people.

When the phone calls reduce to just postponements, email enquiries end with question marks on whether the event could take place or not we all currently live in a world of unknown and what next is there to do…

If you are a bride and groom and wondering what you can do we have compiled our top 5 recommendations which hopefully will help you in this difficult time to provide some focus and also some confidence that we are here to help.

Take care of you and your partner

Probably our most important piece of advice to you. Both yourself and your partner will one day look back at this time and reflect on it. What you do now can make the whole process not just easier but fun. We are creatures of habits so setting new goals and routines to take care of our mental and physical wellbeing is a priority. And when we say plans, don’t make it boring - plan some date nights and throw in the odd work out together to keep building the main reason why you want to be married. You love each others company!

Postpone don’t cancel!

There is every chance the majority of 2020 is wiped out for many event companies so by not cancelling enables us all to work together and keep the industry going. If your wedding is within the next 12 weeks then postponing is a must, if beyond 12 weeks then stay in touch with all your suppliers to make sure they can all offer you dates that match up together. We’re here to help with this!

Dream big

For those of you who haven’t finalised all the details for your day, why not get mood boarding and keep dreaming up elements for your day that you might not have otherwise had time to think of or arrange. These details are often the bits which make your day truly unique and guests will go away and talk of them as their highlights!

Arrange your e-tasting

Speak to us or your caterer, due to social distancing a full tasting won’t be possible but why not arrange a Zoom chat with a live cooking demonstration with plating examples- giving you the opportunity to really visualise the food for the day and give you a unique insight into the behind the scenes of our menu planning and cooking.

Songs, songs, songs…

Why not set aside once a week an evening of jukebox fun- playing to each other your old favourites, the party starters, - it’s no doubt a good way to spark conversations and memories you might never have shared too! You could even get friends and family involved and ask them ‘what would make you dance on our wedding day?’ (As well as food & drink of course) we believe that music is truly what makes the party flow and having this extra time to find those classics, incorporate those memory tunes etc could really add another layer to your special day and there’s one thing for sure after this social distancing- celebrations are going to feel better than ever!