A Menu fit for a Silver Exhibition in Bath

In partnership with the beautiful Holburne Museum in Bath we were thrilled to be recently asked to create a menu based around their latest exhibition. Our kitchen team are used to writing seasonal menus and coming up with culinary delights to suit all tastes but when we met with The Holburne we were tasked to base the next 4 months of menus around ’Silver’!

Not a caterer to shy away our chefs set out to create and develop a menu that reflected the beauty of their new exhibition where guests would begin the evening with a drinks and canape reception before being ushered through to the galleries for a playful and brilliant meal that lets diners experience food in ways that stimulate the imagination as well as the taste buds.

Our aim was to let the silver theme become both literal and symbolic, through our chefs creation of culinary metaphors.

We highly recommend going to visit this wonderful exhibition in Bath at the end of one of the country’s most famous streets; and if you wondered about throwing a party with a difference over the next few months, this may be the perfect venue!