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February 2017

Genesis Trust Fundraiser

Genesis Trust Fundraiser

Bath, despite its World Heritage Status and beautiful, iconic architecture and setting, is not immune to the global issue of homelessness. In 2016, the Bath and North East Somerset Rough Sleeper Count found 25 people sleeping rough, however this does not account for the many people who go undocumented as they are ‘sofa-surfing’ at friends houses or staying in B&B’s. Across the country homelessness is on the rise, up 16% from last year, with 4,134 people sleeping with no roof over their head or constant and free access to basic amenities which we all so easily take for granted. Since 1995, The Genesis Trust (link) has been paramount in aiding homeless, disadvantaged and vulnerable people throughout Bath. Thanks to over 700 volunteers, from local churches and the wider community, last year alone Genesis helped 4,000 individuals through their struggle by providing clothing, food and furniture.

The council has given the opportunity to The Trust, who up until now has never had a permanent base, to acquire and develop a run down building with next to nothing rent. The new building will act as a training centre, workshop facility, retail outlet and community space to help many more disadvantaged people in Bath to take their own personal step towards regular employment and self-sufficiency.

On the 1st of March, we will be helping The Genesis Trust throw a fundraiser to help close their target of £1.1million target for the development of the Genesis Centre at the Holburne Museum (link). We are really looking forward to making a change with them by hosting an evening of welcoming drinks and three course charity dinner in the iconic Brownsword Gallery, and doing all we can to help those who have been helping the less fortunate for the past 21 years.


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