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January 2017

2017 Trends

2017 Trends

​As we now say bye good and proper to 2016 we look ahead at some key trends we predict for 2017.

Drink Local

During 2016 we saw a massive shift for clients showing a conscious effort on their event being more British. Questions on provenance and sustainability where in the past have been of no interest are now coming to the forefront. We have always and always will support the best local producers of food but what has been really exciting is introducing clients to local craft brewers and UK wine producers. The UK currently producers some of the best Sparkling Wines in the world and is here to stay. At the same time wherever your event we can promise you that there will be a master brewer crafting up some delicious new beer. This trend will only continue to get stronger.

We’re Live!

Live video is being implemented across a variety of social platforms. We’re a selfie loving nation and we are seeing this more and more at events with consumers being engaged in ‘going live’ for their viewers. Not only during the event but pre event and post event. Video is definitely here to stay and we expect to see more live events being streamed at events in the coming year.

Pair me up!

Wine-and-cheese pairings have become a familiar site at cocktail receptions, but the idea of matching different foods with different drinks is being carried over to different levels. At all events we constantly strive to elevate that guest experience. As we move into 2017 we will be working harder than ever to keep guests engaged and active. So when you are thinking of pulling together your evening food options at a wedding or creating that perfect dinner party, think outside the box and get your guests engaged in a way they didn’t expect. Cake and craft beer maybe!

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